Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Fun is Just Beginning!
This week has been keeping our brain working.  We have been doing brain based activities such as cup stacking, juggling and jumping on the mini-tramp.

Next week the second, third and fourth graders will be taking part in THE MOST PEOPLE SPEED STACKING AROUND THE WORLD.  Last year the second graders were part of the 400,000 people around the world, participating in this yearly event.  Each year people from around the globe speed stack on one day to try and break the world record.  This year's goal is have more than 500,000 speed stack on one day.   This day is November 14th.  It is such a great day and the students love doing it!

 Below came from the Speed Stack website.

For you geography buffs, the countries taking part in this year's STACK UP! include: United States, Canada, Spain, Israel, United Kingdom, Korea, Germany, Colombia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Hungary, Chile, South Africa, Ireland, Mexico, China, Belgium, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Denmark, Serbia, Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Taiwan, Kuwait & Poland. Take a look at the STACK UP! World Map on the STACK UP! Blueprint.

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